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Church…We have a Problem

If cancer causes breathing problems a good doctor won’t just treat the breathing problems, he’ll eradicate the cancer that causes the breathing problems.

Sexual immorality is a cancer that causes many side-effects. The Church must eradicate the main illness. When the Church is ready to address sexual immorality within its own walls, and then outside, then we’ll begin to truly eradicate aborti0n.

Legislating morality is rarely effective, it just pushes the sin deeper into darkness as it attempts to modify behavior and fails at genuine heart transformation.

We must think eternally minded. These innocent babies will spend eternity with Jesus. Those living in sexual sin and committing murder, will spend eternity in hell. THAT should grieve us! That should be our focus. Solving that solves the other.

(And before you cuss me out and call me a liberal and an-Christ and send me hate mail (which some of you already have), actually read what I’m saying and pray about it. And before you accuse me of endorsing or supporting abortion, no, I don’t. Aborti0n is murder and it’s wrong. But we need to be eternally minded and realize what the actual issue is.)

The 70% of women who’ve had aborti0ns that self-identify as a Christian includes Catholics (27%), Protestants (26%), non-denominational (15%), and Orthodox (2%).

Among Protestants, more identify as Baptists (33%), Methodist (11%), Presbyterian (10%), or Lutheran (9%).

Far fewer women who’ve had aborti0ns identify as agnostic (8%), atheist (4%), Jewish (3%), Muslim (2%), Hindu (1%), Buddhist (1%), Latter Day Saint or Mormon (1%), or Jehovah’s Witness (1%). Another 3% say “other,” and 7% say they have no religious preference.

Many of those religious demographic percentages closely mirror Pew Research’s Religious Landscape Study, in which Christians account for around 70% of the U.S. population.

16% of all women who’ve had an aborti0n say they are an evangelical Christian, according to Lifeway Research.

When asked specifically if they identify as an evangelical Christian, 16% of all women who’ve had an abortion say yes. Specifically among self-identified Christian women who’ve had aborti0ns, 23% say they are evangelical.

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