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Crisis of Beliefe

Working with the M population has greatly challenged me in understanding and knowing my own faith. I’ve been forced into a crisis of belief way more times in the past two years than any other time of my life. Many of the M’s I work with have very valid questions about Jesus and the Bible. Questions that cookie-cutter, regurgitated, prescripted answers won’t be sufficient for.

I’ve been challenged to discover many aspects and characters of God like never before. I have way more questions than I did yesterday.

But in all of this, I still know God is real, loving, gracious, merciful, jealous, and just. I know Abba loves me and that he chases after me. I know that his hand and favor have been on my life. I know that deep down inside, I desire to serve him in obedience and love, but I still fall short. I need him. I need him everyday.

I also have witnessed many M’s acting more like “Christians” than many Christians. When I see the way they love others, serve others, and obey the commands of God, I often wonder, how are we missing it so much? Why are we so mean to one another? Why are we always arguing and mistreating each other? Why do we have so many different opinions and sects?

These M teammates are teaching me much about loving God and others well. They are teaching me that many of the things I was taught about M’s wasn’t all true. Many M’s are more than willing to sit down and talk about faith. They will patiently listen to you and ask honest questions about why you believe what you believe. They will share why they believe what they believe. Many of them have never actually read the whole Qur’an. They get much of their knowledge about God by other men. I’m not sure this is much different than how many Christian’s get their information about God.

I strongly encourage you to do a deep discovery of the Bible on your own. Not through a man, a commentary, or a humanly authored study. Just the Bible. Just you and God. Read it word for word. Ask yourself what it says about God. Ask what it says about humanity. Ask yourself if you are obedient already or how you can be obedient to what you read.

Ask the hard questions. Challenge the things you’ve been taught. Seek truth.

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