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Over-Achieving God

I am so amazed at the success and progress post PRK eye surgery. I told the staff the day of my procedure (05JUN) that I was believing God to restore my vision above expectations and that the healing would happen faster than normal. The doctor and staff are impressed. The doctor called me an over-achiever…lol. I told him that’s a great term for my God! My God is an over-achiever!

Today I can see better than yesterday. Everyday I wake-up seeing clearer. I can see super well close-up to read!!! That’s the first vision that was clear and I could read my Bible the next day without reading glasses. Today, I’m seeing crisper lines further away. This Amaryllis has been blooming in step with my eyes healing. It’s been really cool to see. (See what I did there?!😬)

This whole situation makes me think of our walk with God. At first we can see and recognize pretty good when we’re really close-up, but the more time we spend getting to know him the clearer we can see him from even a distance. His image and character become more defined and recognized.

Yesterday a sweet lady we met at NJ airport on our way to Cyprus reached out and asked me to prayer for her eyes. She also had surgery on her right eye and asked for restored vision. Not being able to see clearly with both eyes was causing difficulty and weakness. She told me she was praying for my partner too so I told him that. He said, “Great, my vision is getting better each day!” I had no idea, but he had come down with conjunctivitis in his eyes and had just come from a doctor’s visit around the same time. His vision was impaired because foreign objects had gotten in his eyes.

When our spiritual site is weakened, partially obstructed, or contaminated with foreign objects our vision becomes hindered. These things can be repaired, healed, and restored though by our over-achieving God and if we submit to him in obedience.

I am praying for 20/20 spiritual vision for us all!

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