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Minister to the Lord!

Things on my mind from meditating on Exodus, Isaiah and Ezekiel:

•The Lord calls us to minister to Him. (This is a serious thing.)

•He requires that we come clean, sanctified and holy to the Temple, to the Altar, to minister to Him.

•He calls on the priests (that’s you and me Believer), to teach His people the difference between the Holy and unholy, between the clean and unclean.

•God greatly despises and WILL harshly judge the prideful, arrogant and haughty. (Lord, reveal any pride or arrogance in our hearts. Help us go lower Lord, while You’re calling us in love to repent, help us heed this correction anc not take it lightly. Amen)

•The Lord will call forth a remnant and He will make a determined end to their captivity. He says, “You will never again depend on him who defeated you, but you will depend on the Lord, The Holy One of Israel, in truth!” Hallelujah!

•”It shall come to pass in that day, the burden will be taken away, the yoke lifted from your shoulders and destroyed…because of the anointing oil!!!” GLORY!

He calls out to us,


The Lord, the Lord of Hosts will hewn down those of high stature, He will humble the haughty! They will fall by THE MIGHTY ONE!!! HALLELUJAH!!!

I say, “LIFT UP YOUR VOICE! CAUSE IT TO BE HEARD! Praise the Lord God Almighty for He alone is rightly to be praised! Praise the Lord I say! Praise Him all you people’s! Exalt His holy name forever! JESUS!!!!”

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