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His Judgments are Good

In reading scripture, both Old and New Testament, I see God offering a better way, The Way, but often man grumbles and complains, yearning for what they had while in bondage. Then I see God giving man over to his pleasures and desires along with judgment.

What’s even more striking is we don’t seem to ever want to have this conversation. I’ve even heard people say God doesn’t judge anymore the way He did in the Old Testament. Really? Ananias and Saphira come to mind. I even hear church leaders teach this. Isn’t God also known as The Judge? Isn’t he coming back to judge the earth? Aren’t his judgments a good thing? His judgments are a testimony of his love for us. It’s up to us how we choose to receive and feel about those judgments.

I read about how children and teens feel neglected and unloved when boundaries and discipline aren’t put in place. Why is that? Why would we, as children of God feel any differently? Recalling my rebellious teen years (they don’t have to be rebellious years btw) I despised discipline because I wanted to be in rebellion. I wanted that which wasn’t good for me. I rejected the discipline and judgment because I was rebellious, stubborn and desiring unhealthy things. As I realized my family was imposing judgment and correction because they loved me it brought the desire for correction. I didn’t want to be rejected by my family. I didn’t want to displease or hurt them. So, I submitted to the correction and repented. I changed my direction. Now, we are in good relationship.

God’s judgments, his discipline, his rebukes, are good things. To believe he no longer executes these things is to believe he no longer loves us or desires for us to be in right relationship with him. Remember, sin separates us from God. Do we really believe he desires to leave us walking in sin? That doesn’t line up with his character.

How have you responded to Abba’s corrections in your life? Are you grateful for his correction? I know I sure am. Without it I’d be living a very sinful life in deep darkness. Without it I wouldn’t be going from glory to glory to glory. Without it I wouldn’t be growing in intimacy to him.

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