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God Help us

Man I’ve learned a lot about God, “Christianity,” the Western Church, and Americans in general these last fews years.

I believed in 2021 that C0VID was a soft judgment of the Lord. That was light compared to the shaking he’s started and what’s to come.

I’ve learned “Christians” are some of the least trustworthy people, and most greedy and stingy. I’ve witnessed them be the most vile commentators on social media.

I’ve learned the present “Church,” isn’t really a genuine representation of the actual Bride of Christ and I believe God is growing weary of what it’s become and has indeed started shaking it up.

I’ve discovered that the people you’d least expect, due to appearances, music preferences, or whatever, are the most solid, humble, raw, radically seeking after God Christians.

I’ve learned to trust a lot slower.

I’ve realized that a large majority of Americans follow the masses, fall for propaganda, and succumb to the manufactured dissension tactics of political parties and foreign governments.

They’ve won guys. Look at how radically divided we are. We can’t agree on anything as a nation.

Right blames Left, Left blame Right.

Women blame men, men blame women.

Children blame parents, parents blame children.

Millions of hours wasted on Netflix, social media, TikTok. If we spent half as much time with God and each other, we might actually see some progress.

God help us. God…help us.

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