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All Hail the Bloody King of Glory!

Updated: Feb 4, 2021

I see You riding on the clouds on a beautiful white stallion built for war, rushing in with Your armies pulling up the rear guard. The earth quakes and trembles in thunderous choirs as the horses stampede over the horizon, clouds of dust form billows of glory around You and Your Army. The trumpets sound. The angels sing and shout Your praises, “All hail King Jesus! Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord! Great and mighty is He!” We lift our banners and our voices in unison as our King rides in victory as He’s already conquered our enemy. You’ll clothe us in fine white linen robes, we fall to our knees, prostrate before Your Majesty! You are glorious! You are magnificent! You are beautiful and awesome in every way. All the creatures of the earth sing Your praises! The celebration of ALL time has begun! If David had reason to dance undignified, we have even more reason to dance unrelentlessly, unrestrained, unceasingly before our great and mighty Warrior, Prince of Peace! Unending worship. Unending heavenly bliss. Unending presence. All hail King Jesus! All hail the bloody King! He is Lord, Lord of all. He is the Lamb, the Lion of Judah! He is the Prince of Peace! He is Redeemer! He is Holy! He is Judge! He is God Almighty! He is the Rose of Sharon! He is the Bread of Life! The Living Water! The New Wine! He is the Great I Am! He is the Coming One, the Eternal Gospel! HE IS!!!!

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