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Coming Soon! "Captivated"

So many believers spend the majority of their lives trying to please God, work harder for him and live in the constant fear that they aren’t doing enough for him. This kind of thinking and living ends up crushing you. The truth is that our God is a Bridegroom and he has made us for himself. He has designed us for deep intimacy with him, knowing and encountering his affections for us and out of the overflow of that encounter, living a life with him. The Holy Spirit is calling his people to this reality in these days. He is doing this by anointing his friends to write, speak, and communicate these realities to people all over the world. I am so excited for the release of Ann Lindholm’s new book called, “Captivated?” Ann opens her heart and through her own musings, thoughts, and writing, invites us into deep intimacy with God. I absolutely love this book and am so excited it’s being released for such a time as this.
Corey Russell
Author of “Teach us to Pray”

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