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“Your Iniquity is Teaching you how to Speak…”

In reading Job this phrase stabbed me in the heart—

“Your iniquity is teaching you how to speak…”

This one phrase is at the heart of what Job is all about and the antithesis of how God responded in his iniquity which he chose to assume on our behalf.

A compete display of unconditional love....not like human love where we often expect something in return.

That is actually a currency exchange, not love at all. Expecting something in return for love is pretty much displayed in the Pimp/Prostitute/Buyer relationship. It is merely a currency exchange, not love.

Love literally dies to self and is not concerned with what one might receive or get out of the gift offering of love. In fact, based on historical knowledge, understanding that likely, nothing will be returned, except quite possibly, betrayal. THAT is the John 15:13 kind of love God displayed for us.

“Your iniquity is teaching you how to speak…” This is complaining about the love received because our circumstances don't fit our desired outcome...because we are earthly, egocentric thinkers.

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