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I just got woken up from a dream that was concerning but encouraging. It took place outdoors in a large gathering, an election of sorts. I was with an older crowd of people and we knew the condition of our land was at stake. But this wasn’t at all about politics, it was about spiritual land.

The older group was recalling a history of revival and robust prayer and intercession. We were waiting for the young people to show up to make an impact on the future, only they weren’t really showing up and we were very concerned. We were trying to figure out how to help.

I heard a man’s voice calling out to me and it startled me so much I woke-up. I had such a burden on me I couldn’t shake it so I started praying for our young people and their passion for the Lord, the Gospel, prayer and intercession. Afterward I fell asleep easily.

The dream picked up where it left off! One by one young people began to come. What took place next was amazing! The older generation began interacting with the younger generation, telling them stories of our history of revival, prayer and intercession and how our “land” was saved from darkness, sin and turmoil. The younger generation was inspired to make an impact to prevent the generation from falling into darkness. They were eagerly asking questions and seeking guidance and wisdom from the older generation. They were listening intently.

Then, we started laying hands on the younger generation and praying over them and interceding on their behalf to be forerunners and watchmen for the next generation. There was such an atmosphere of honor on both groups it was very thick. Such a peace rushed over me in the dream and something woke me up again. This time I went into prayer of thanksgiving for this next generation of intercessors.

I felt both commissioned and encouraged!

Older generation—we have work to do!

Younger generation—you have work to do!

Come! Let us get started!


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