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The Word was Rare in Those Days

Why was the Word rare in those days and why was there no widespread revelation?

These were the days when Israel was seeking an earthly king, earthly protection, earthly salvation and provision and earthly alliances.

What was Samuel doing when he heard the Lord calling to him? Nothing! He was quiet. He was still. He wasn’t reading the latest news articles or following the echo chambers of social media. He wasn’t fighting for personal rights or propping up or attacking a man or a government.

He was a boy, with child-like faith, sitting still and quiet, untainted by the world, dedicated to the service of the Lord, in the House of the Lord.

The Lord spoke to him, to this unworldly boy in service to God and told him of “the things” (Revelation 4 and really the whole book) that MUST take place BECAUSE of the INIQUITY on the earth.

As Samuel positioned himself to hear the Lord, he also positioned himself to respond obediently to the Lord. Thus, the Lord established him and continued to appear and speak to him, revealing himself through the Word of the Lord. (v21)

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