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The Word of His Power!

The first paragraph alone is worth a long pondering. It’s packed full of power!

v2 “...through whom also He made the world(s)?! Worlds, not world, worlds...what is meant by this? Is this terrestrial worlds or does it include supernatural worlds/heavens?

v3 “....who being the BRIGHTNESS of HIS GLORY and the EXPRESS IMAGE of His PERSON!!!!!!” Whoa!

“...upholding ALL things by the WORD of HIS POWER....” it doesn’t say by the power of his word, but by the WORD of his!

“...HE had by HIMSELF purged OUR sins....”

Thank you Jesus for your sacrifice that cost you everything. Thank you for willingly choosing to become a servant of all, for choosing the cross in order that we would gain life with you and the Father for eternity, beginning at the very moment we chose to accept your sacrifice in place of our sin. Your very nature of selfless, perfect love nurtures my heart. I desire to love perfectly like you have exhibited. Please help me walk this out. Please transform my heart to this kind of love. I know there are still areas of my heart that are hard, please, do what it takes (I realize the extent of this request and tremble) to soften those hard parts.

v4 “...Having BECOME so much BETTER than the angels, as He has by inheritance obtained a more excellent name than they.”

“Having become...” this suggests that he wasn’t before? Lord, can you please help me with this? Please reveal your truth and meaning here. Is it worth struggling to understand? Or is this one of those times I just say, “God said it, so it’s right and good.” Perhaps this is a discussion to be had sitting with you under the trees of life?

Abba, you are good, faithful and majestic in all your ways. I pray that as we each go about our day that we gain greater revelation of you and your nature as you speak to us through your WORD, your Son and Holy Spirit. I pray that we draw closer to you and our desire for you intensifies. Please show us how to go lower in how we think of ourselves in relation to others. Help us genuinely desire the good of those around us before our own. Lord, please manifest yourself through us. Use us as a living vessel of your perfect love and character, ever refining us along the way. Looking forward to your whispers, your daughter, Ann.

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