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The Way of Escape

When we start getting overly confident in our spiritual walk, thinking we’re good, untouchable…that’s a dangerous place to be. Look, we will be tempted as Believers. But friend, there is a way of escape! What is the way of escape? THE WAY of escape is abiding snuggly in the Lord’s presence. It’s sitting at his feet daily, cultivating the most intimate and tightly bonded relationship ever to exist.

The way of escape is JESUS! It’s falling so in love with the Jewish Man, with eyes like fire that penetrate and refine, hair like wool full of wisdom, and a voice that sounds like many waters that softens the hard places. The way of escape is receiving his extravagant love for us and turning right back around and kneeling at his feet, pouring out our bottle of perfume, anointing his body with our worship. Extravagantly loving him. Going all out for him.

This love changes you. It does something to the recesses of your heart that forces a response when reading the Living Word. When you read a scripture and it cuts you to the core and you feel a loving conviction that calls you into repentance, into reconciliation with him and with others…that’s THE WAY of escape! You can’t read his word, you can’t hear his voice, you can’t look into his eyes, and remain the same. Not if you love him.

If you love him…you will yearn to love him fully, becoming more and more like him…because that’s how he loves you! His love for you multiplies your love for others. His love breaks you. It softens you. It calls you up higher. His love wrecks you in all the good ways. His love…is THE WAY of escape from temptation.

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