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Submitting to or Resisting Judgment (Correction)

One thing I’ve been learning is that we often misunderstand God’s judgments and what’s happening on the earth. The last year and a half has been full of God’s judgment (correction), and yet we assume it’s attacks by the enemy and so when we fight those judgments (perceived attacks) we’re actually fighting against God. When he’s actually calling us to go lower, humble ourselves and hear his voice and what he’s calling us into.

So as we fight and resist what we think is the enemy, we’re actually resisting Abba and his correction.

So when we think we’re working for the greater good we’re actually working against our own good. When we resist we’re operating in a prideful, arrogant and rebellious spirit against what Abba is calling us to do. He’s calling us to go lower, but we completely miss it by not knowing and understanding him as a good Father, and we find ourselves rebelling all while thinking we’re fighting the good fight against the enemy.

The judgments (corrections) are about to increase just as they would for any rebellious child.

God is not and would never call us to get more prideful or rebellious. It is His nature to call us to go lower, softer, and more humble.

Lord help us!

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