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Sons of God Married Daughters of Men?

What??! Do you ever come across scripture that makes you sit back and stare aimlessly

into oblivion as you ponder what you just read?

What verses stand out to you?

What speaks the loudest to your heart?


“Sons of God....married...daughters of men?”😮🤯🤭 (1-8)

Verse three indicates this was not a good thing at all...for MAN. What about the Sons of God? Were they in the wrong? Did they receive a just penalty?

Again, verse five indicates this was an evil and wicked act...for MAN?

“THE LORD WAS SORRY THAT HE MADE MAN ON THE EARTH, and HE WAS GRIEVED IN HIS HEART.”v6 (Again no mention of the sons of God...what we’re the sons of God? They’re clearly not mere men. We’re they angelic in nature. We’re they superhuman? What?



Then...verse 9-10, “Noah was a JUST man, PERFECT in his generations. Noah WALKED WITH GOD.” (How can we be saved from destruction and wickedness? Walking with God.)

Verse 18, “But I will establish My covenant with YOU (Noah)...”

v20, “...two of every kind will COME TO YOU to keep them alive.” (The animals will obey God and go to Noah in an orderly fashion. Wow!)

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