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Abba, help us to follow you in all things. We ask that you would help us to humble our hearts and lay down every idea or thought that isn’t in line with your heart. Help us genuinely desire to do good to others, regardless of circumstances or how it may come about. Let us see that doing good for others, even if dictated by a wicked king is still doing good for others and you are exalted high and receive all the glory. Let us align our hearts with yours and realize that in walking out the Sermon on the Mount, even under severe persecution, is your will. You are God. You tell us to love you and love others. You tell us to bless even our enemies. And we trust you know what is good and right. We lay down any selfish preferences and demands to personal rights, truly laying our lives down for our brothers. (John 15:13). Help us be more like you. Help us love like you, help us understand that through these acts of obedience to doing good for others that this opens the door to even our enemies choosing you. Amen.

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