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Raising Babies

I've been watching Justice with her baby, Liberty Belle, and God speaks to me. Often you will hear parents say that you can't wrap your kids in a bubble and that they need to experience the world in order to learn real life. In God's word He tells us how we are to raise our children and in those instructions He clearly tells us that as Believers we are not to be of this world. He instructs us to raise our children up in the way of the Lord, not the way of the world. Like Justice cares for her lamb, protecting her from harm and predators and giving her guidance to live as an adult, we too, are to protect and guide our children in the same way. We are to teach them about living in the Spirit, not the flesh. We don't do that by throwing them to the wolves when they are helpless, hoping they are ravaged in order that they might "learn a lesson;" rather we strengthen them by feeding them milk, bread and water of the Spirit.

Only when our children are ready and strong in their walk with the Lord are they truly ready for the world. Would you send your son to battle without him having been trained and properly equipped? I hope not. The time we have with our children is crucial and every second we have we must feed them what is good, right and Holy. We must provide them with the armor of God and strengthen them with the nourishment of the Spirit. We must share our experience so that they may learn from our wisdom. Why on earth would we want them to learn the hard way? Isn't the end goal salvation? And if it is, which I believe it to be so, then how is throwing them to the wolves to figure it out on their own leading them to salvation, when it is our responsibility as parents to do just that? Parents, train up your child in the way of the Lord, for you will be held accountable.

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