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Low Self-esteem or Identity?

Sisters, brothers, do you ever feel low about yourself, your looks, qualities, personality, abilities? Those attacks come from multiple fronts, but...

Our DADDY says differently! He tells us we’re a royal diadem, the apple of His eye!!! Wow! Just imagine, he took the time to create and design every crease around the corner of your eyes, every single line and dash in your finger print, unique to you! His mark is on you!! He designed the sound of your voice and he knows it well. He decided the exact number and color of hair follicles to place on your head. He painted the iris of your eye to be unique only to you, not one person has eyes like yours! He wired your brain specifically in hopes that you would use those gifts, intellect, personality and emotions to partner with him for his glory! WOW!!! Even your ears are shaped uniquely exactly the way he wanted them to be. His imprint, his signature is all over and inside of you! You are HIS creation! WOW!!!! Hallelujah! Glory to God! He is good! He loves you! He is fascinated with you! He cherishes you!


He is worthy to be praised!

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