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Updated: May 30

CHRISTIAN….read your Bibles and have a personal relationship with Jesus, we must do and say AS HE SAYS…in each situation. One verse out of context isn’t a blanket rule/response???? Come on, this is elementary stuff.

In every situation, circumstance, and moment, we must follow the Holy Spirit’s lead. It won’t always be the same protocol. We have to do what the Father is saying….in that moment.

Just because David killed Goliath with a stone doesn’t mean WE are commanded to kill every single giant/enemy with a stone. David was a man after GOD’s own heart. David KNEW God. David listened to GOD. Remember, David did not kill King Saul, who attempted multiple times to kill him? David listened to God every single step of the way.

Ok. Here ya go. Everyone go do this because it’s in scripture. Go for it!

Deuteronomy 13:15 “…you must kill with a sword everyone who lives in that city. Destroy the city completely and kill everyone in it, as well as the animals, with a sword.”

Or here….Numbers 31:17 “Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him…”

How old are we in the Lord???? People….KNOW JESUS….please. You will not survive without knowing HIM & following HIM. He knows the Father. Knowing a verse will NOT save you. Knowing a verse will not give you solid council. You must know HIM.

Knowing a story from the Bible will not save you. You must know HIM. Please, read the Living Word of God directly, ask Holy Spirit to teach you and guide you. Don’t solely rely on devotionals, commentaries, teachers, and even pastors.

READ JESUS. KNOW JESUS PERSONALLY. Go directly to the source...JESUS.

You will be mislead. There are wolves among the sheep. There are wolves within the camp. You will not know they are wolves because they are concealed in beautiful, innocent, white sheep’s clothing. They will speak with words of flattery and peace. They will lead you astray, Jesus warned us about them.

He is not coming to bring peace, but a sword and vengeance. Will you be standing with Him, or will you be destroyed by Him?

Know the Shepherd’s voice. Follow the Shepherd. The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand! Is your lamp lit? Do you have oil?


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God bless! You are so right. People want church to be the catch all. What they need is the Word and the Holy Spirit guiding them. Jesus wanted us to have the Holy Spirit at all times. Not just a day at church. All days and all hours of the day. We are never alone. Time to hear the small still voice - and do the work of the Lord. 2023 is a new year to start reading the Bible daily and to return to our first love, God and His Son Jesus! We cannot be timid. We must be bold.

Ann L
Ann L
Dec 31, 2022
Replying to


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