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I Quit! I’m Done!

“I quit! I’m done!”

Our church is studying the End Times. Last night I got a revelation that really hit me hard. Goes along with what the Lord’s been showing me about seeking Him and what he’s doing before being too quick to ask for suffering/trials to be lifted. Also regarding preparing for upcoming testing and using these smaller trials to build our faith and endurance for times ahead.

I remember being in labor with one of my children and I was so exhausted toward the end, I told the nurses and doctor, “I quit. I’m done.” Right after that the baby crowned and the doctor said “Go!”

The toughest part was right before the birth!

Are we listening to and seeing what the Lord is doing? Or are we seeking comfort and ease over His leadership? So many times we are so quick to immediately pray for healing or relief, but are we asking Holy Spirit, “What is the Father doing in this moment or circumstance? What does He want me to learn or how does He what me to adjust my heart to align with His?”

Perhaps he’s using it to train us up, to prepare us for much tougher times ahead when our perseverance and endurance really counts. If we’re constantly being rescued from trial and discomfort how on earth will we be able to endure to the end? We’ll be weak. We’ll be unprepared. We’ll greatly lack the fortitude and faith to survive the Great and Awful Day.

Friends, I encourage you to study the End Times. We don’t get rescued right away. We will suffer trials and persecution. Many of us will be martyred. We will be turned in by fellow church goers and family. We will be turned over to governments. We will go without food.

Are we ready? Will we be able to endure? This is what Jesus was talking about in Matthew 25, buy your oil now! We find the oil in our crushing, in our suffering. That oil will provide light for our lamps! That oil will carry us through great hardship! Don’t be too quick to seek comfort and rescue now.

Even so Lord, Come!


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