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I know you by Name!

“I know you by name. You have found favor in my sight.”

—“Please, if it really is the case that I have found favor in your sight, SHOW me your ways…SO THAT I will UNDERSTAND you and continue finding favor in your sight.”

“SET YOUR MIND AT REST. My presence will go with you, after all.”

—“If your presence doesn’t go with us, don’t make us go. How else will it be known that I have found favor in your sight if other than by your going with us? That is what distinguishes us from all the other peoples on earth”

You have found favor in my sight. I know you by name.”

—“I beg you! SHOW me your glory!”

“I will cause all my goodness to pass before you, and in your presence I will pronounce the name of Adonai!”

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