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How we Prep

The greatest way you can “prep” for the things that are surely coming (I see all the panic posts about burning food plants, by Believers) is purchase your oil in the Secret Place.

Don’t be drawn into the fear and don’t feed into the fear. Believer…our hope is in Jesus Christ! Maybe start fasting and praying. This will help you prepare spiritually and physically.

We are told about the world participating in rumors and conspiracies, fear and panic.

Church, we are not of the world. Let’s not forget this. Let’s lead others to the cross, the only place where true peace can be found.

How do Believers prep?

Matthew 25.

Go deeper in intimacy with the Beautiful One. Get to know the Lord personally so that you may hear,

“Come on in. I have a place for you. Well done, my good and faithful servant!”

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