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Help me Respond with your Love Rather than your Pain

So much spiritual warfare is going on with so many people I know who are devoted to discipleship, kingdom work. So many of us are experiencing deep levels of pain, hurt, betrayal, deception by others…

Many of us are at a place where we are genuinely and very personally seeking Abba and his great wisdom and gracious heart in how to respond to these circumstances and people.

When those closest to you, those whom you’ve trusted, breach that trust in the most painful of ways how do you respond rightly?

I’m chewing on John 19–

They (the religious leaders) had him publicly flogged, hit him in the face, spit in his face, tore his clothes leaving him nearly naked.

Jesus responded, “You would have no power over me if it hadn’t been given to you from above. The one who handed me over to you is guilty of greater sin.” (One who was one of his closest disciples, one of the twelve, one who was trusted with the treasury…)

The head priests—“We have no king…but the emperor!”

Wow. Doesn’t this sound familiar?

Jesus never resisted, never fought back, never defended himself other than speaking the truth of his identity whether they believed the truth or not.

Jesus carried his own execution stake.

He delivered up his spirit.

“No man has greater love than this, that he lay down his life for his brother”

“He didn’t seek to please himself.”

“Jesus…became a servant.”

Jesus carried his own execution stake???!!!

Am I willing to carry mine? Do I have that capacity in my heart?

Jesus did not respond.

Oh God…Abba…Adonai….Yeshua, my Savior and Messiah…TEACH ME please…help me.

Please help me respond through your love rather than my pain.

Please anoint my broken, pierced, devastated heart with your oil of gladness and joy. Please lead me in understanding to join in fellowship with your suffering.

Cleanse my heart oh God. Change me. Make the crevices of my heart a breeding ground for love, grace, and mercy.

I want to love like you love…but if I’m honest, sometimes I don’t. Please help me change this. I need you.

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