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He's Crushing Everything

Everyday I wake up and sit with God I realize how very little I actually know.

It would do us ALL well(no matter your faith, sect, whatever) to quit telling everyone else how to follow God and just focus on our own intimacy with him. We like to come up with a LOT of rules and regulations that simply aren’t his. We like to tell others how they’re missing it.

What I’m learning is the more I pursue him the more I find him and lose what I inaccurately thought he was. And the more I find myself.

I’m learning the more I treat this love affair as between him and me and not him, me, and the world, the more pure it becomes.

All the things other men wanted me to believe and follow…he’s crushing it all.

I’ve never felt freer. I’ve never felt more loved. I’ve never felt more…me.

I encourage you, discover God for yourself. Ask him. He will show you if you genuinely want to know.

You don’t have to have all these other people revealing him to you. Just go straight to the source. Put away the commentaries and studies. Just go be alone with him. Converse with him.

Be open to hear what he’s actually saying. Chances are high, he’s going to deconstruct a LOT of misconceptions you’ve had about him and about your relationship with him.

Ask, you will receive.

Seek, you will find.

Knock, he will open.

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