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Flares of Fire

As a nation we’re focusing on the wrong things. I had a very powerful dream last night. So powerful it woke me up at 3:30am and I couldn’t go back to sleep. It is still fresh in my mind and pressing on my heart. As I’m praying over the state of our nation the Lord began revealing to me the meaning behind this dream.

As I see repeated posts pointing blame on everyone but themselves for this latest shooting, my heart grieves. I especially grieve over the very in-compassionate things being said about the 18 year old shooter who was obviously struggling with his identity. This was a boy, a young man, whom God created. God designed him for a purpose. He’s somebody’s son, brother. As are those who were killed by this young man. America, Church…we better wake-up, and now!

In this dream I was inside a crowded coffee house where everyone was casually conversing, laughing, and carrying on. I caught a glimpse of the full sun that seemed strangely brilliant. I asked others inside if they saw it, only a couple of people confirmed but had little interest in seeing it more clearly. I stepped outside for a better view.

I stood in awe with great excitement. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I could see details of flames. I could see sections of the sun that were burning hotter than other areas. Variations of shades of deep orange, to bright yellow, hot white. But instead of seeing just a smooth orangish, flat circle, I saw the tongues of fire whipping about in great detail! And it was huge! It was absolutely intriguing and beautiful, and frightening.

There were lots of people around outside. Most of them were older teens or college age. At my excitement over what I was seeing I was frustrated because very few seemed interested in the miraculous sight I was seeing. It was very different than what we normally see. There were just a few who, like me, were stopped and fixated on the marvelous sun, and drawn to move closer. I attempted to make others aware of what we were seeing but they were still not interested and preoccupied with other things. Their chatter and laughter could be heard.

I found of few friends who we seemed to have a strong bond with one another. We moved towards a clearer view of this magnificent sun. Clouds were starting to fill the sky so we could only find a few places where we could see it.

We found ourselves on a beach. A very crowded beach. It was so strange because the atmosphere seemed to be getting eerily dark, yet there were these openings where we could catch a view of the brilliant sun. We could still see the whipping, tongues of fire, but not everybody could see them nor cared.

As we moved towards the water the ground beneath began to break away into the ocean. I was carrying a large backpack which contained my Bible and I struggled to swim back to ground, but I made it.

Instead of four, now there were three of us, now sitting on the sand, staring directly into the sun full of many flames. We could see multiple storms of flames and flares swirling about as the world around us was getting darker and the clouds were closing in, covering a clear view of the massive storm of light that was the sun. Flares of fire began popping from the surface of the sun and boats and people on the water were catching on fire. Buildings on the ground were beginning to burn. People, so many people were screaming for rescue but the strangest thing was occurring. People were still mulling about as if none of this was taking place. Just as my friends and I stood up, I woke-up.

The sun represented God. The lack of interest exemplified a general display of complacency and lukewarmness. The converging darkness was a rejection of God that was slowly pushing Him out, inviting in the darkness.

My backpack containing my Bible represented the struggle that it is to carry our faith in this world. It won’t be easy to continue walking in the faith. The people who were in boats catching on fire, screaming for help, only a few went to splash ocean water on them to attempt to save them. But the swimmers struggled to keep themselves afloat in a tumultuous sea, for they were not on solid ground and they themselves kept drowning.

Friends, we desperately need Jesus! The ONLY way to genuinely affect change is to personally know the Man Jesus. As we seek His face and behold His beauty, as we are discipled by Him, only then can we begin to effectively represent Him and disciple others to Him.

Changing laws, locking down schools, blaming the shooter, banning abortion, none of these things are going to save anyone.

Until we realize that life is eternal we will always be nearsighted and fail. Life extends way beyond this earthly vapor. We must recognize that every single soul will spend eternity either in hell or heaven. The ONLY way we can have an affect on this is to first encounter JESUS for ourselves. Then, we walk in His Spirit, truth, and love and introduce others to Him. I am begging you, fix your eyes on JESUS! HE is the solution! HE is the SAVIOR!!!!

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