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Do we have the Faith to Endure Persecution?

Are we prepared to be truly persecuted? I mean truly persecuted…not spoken ill of, not blocked from posting on FB, not being shamed for not getting a prick in the arm or for getting a prick in the arm?

Are we prepared to be truly persecuted? Do we think we have the faith to endure it? What about watching our loved ones, children being persecuted? Beaten, stabbed, raped, shot, drug by chains by a car in the streets, hung from street lights, house burned…?

Are we prepared?

Is our faith big enough?

Is it real enough?

Are we prepared to constantly be on the run, not have a home, running by night, having to split up your family so you’re not so easily detected? Hiding to have church, constantly changing location…meeting in secret…

Are we prepared to have our children yanked from us unless we deny Christ?

And after all that, do we have the faith to continue sharing the Gospel?

Are we even sharing the Gospel now?

Can we go without Netflix for a week? Can we go without food for days? A shower? Water?

Are we prepared to endure?

“Adam, where are you?”

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