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Defilement Comes from Within

If you’re looking for a study Bible I recommend the NKJV Abide Bible. It includes beautiful art and historical masterpieces that go along with scripture as well as guided study/meditation questions. These questions are exactly how I go about studying scripture, provocative conservation with the Lord. I especially like the “Reflect and Write” challenge on Mark 7:1-23.

I notice that 17-23 are all things that affect or involve others. Very interesting.

Verses 31-37–Why this time (and only a handful of others) did Jesus pull the man aside to heal him? Did it have to do with the man or the crowd or both?

I also like the challenges in the “Praying Scripture” for 7:31-37. Gives me a lot to ponder and reflect on.

What stands out to you?

What challenges you?

What questions do you have?

Is there anything you feel led to change in your life because of these passages?

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