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Confronting Offenses Biblically

So often we go and tell others about a brother or sister’s offense against us instead of going straight to them alone. I’ve been guilty of this. This usually creates some bitterness, lack of trust, shame and embarrassment as well as division. We are not concerned about their heart when we do this, rather we want to get others to “side” with us. This isn’t the biblical way. It’s causing dissension within the Church. This shouldn’t be the first step.

I repent of doing this and I will purpose to deal with offenses against me the biblical way from here on out.

Unbiblical-I go tell others how someone has offended me. I’m not concerned about true reconciliation. I’m actually attempting to cause division by winning others to my “side.” This is an anti-Christ spirit. I’m not at all concerned with protecting their heart and acting almost in a vengeful way, which is sin.

Biblical-I approach the person with love, honor, grace and mercy privately, seeking reconciliation. Their honor and heart is just as important to me as my own heart.

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