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Who can find it?! (The thing that doesn’t make any sense…lol, unless you know me.)

As I was out walking yesterday in the very crisp, cool air and colorful leaves were dancing their way to the leaf covered ground I thought about how much I actually like change. I get it, change can be hard sometimes, and uncomfortable. But what I’ve learned in my 46 years is that any time there’s no change occurring, especially forward change (change in the right direction), things quickly become stagnant and die.

Fall is absolutely my favorite season. But what I’ve come to realize is what I enjoy most is watching the changes of the seasons occur. Over three weeks ago I started telling my kids that I could see fall moving in. They laughted at me. Last week, they said, “You were right.” How did I know?

The earliest signs of fall is when the bright green foliage begins to turn to a lighter green, it’s very subtle. Also, the morning and evening temperatures begin to drop ever so slightly, just by a few degrees. Many plants begin to dry out or start dying off. There’s a transition from one kind of allergen to another in the air. The smell of the air seems crisper, clean. The aroma of burning leaves reminds us of campfires and roasted marshmallows.

All of these subtle changes indicate a major shift in seasons is coming soon. This is a good thing, every single season. This is how God designed it and it’s worked since the beginning of time. It’s the same way with our spiritual walk. We go through seasons of death and purging so that new seed can generate new life. If there was never any change, eventually there would be death without regeneration or new growth. Change in a sense represents life. It brings growth. It also reminds me of God’s sovereignty and perfect design.

Autumn, I welcome you along with open windows, fires, fresh air, cinnamon and spice, gorgeous color, and homemade pumpkin bread.

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