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#CAPTIVATED Who is This Man?

Who is this Man? I’m so #captivated by this Man, who can approach strangers in the midst of their work day (successful careers) and simply say, “Come, follow me!” And they drop everything? They drop their careers, their boats and supplies they’ve made or paid for; they drop their family...and immediately, no questions asked, follow THIS MAN!



•”Solve your own problems, don’t rely on God and his Word.”

•”Test God.”

•”Worship me (Satan).”


•”Man shall live by every Word of God.”

•”Do not tempt God.”

•”Worship the Lord and serve Him only.”


“Repent! The Kingdom of Heaven hand!” At hand—it is HERE! No time to waste!

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1 Comment

Ann L
Ann L
Mar 05, 2021

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