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Captivated Foreword

Updated: May 2, 2021

Bless you Brother Charles Morris for accepting the invitation to write the Foreword for Captivated. Your heart and desire for the Lord is contagious and inspiring! I thank God for a brother like you.


The world is full of junk food theology consumed in bits and pieces like a smorgasbord. Many students of God’s word are surfers, riding the surface of living water seeking entertainment, self-help, or somewhere to excuse God’s love and God’s justice.

This book is a rare opportunity to experience the pain of love when someone becomes vulnerable to express the distress of personal experiences.

This author has explored and charted the spiritual and emotional depths herself, and you can almost hear the Shulamite woman in the Song of Solomon crying out to the King, “She-Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine;" Song of Solomon 1:2 (ESV)

In this book, Ann Lindholm is not sharing shallow teachings for those who suffer from short attention spans, or those who refuse to be provoked to spiritual transformation. Captivated; Who Is This Man guides the reader through the Bible, painting beautiful word pictures that challenge us to face God’s truth over worldly opinion. She addresses issues such as faith versus fear, and is the church “a culture” with moral influence, or has it become a powerless sub-culture that is out of sight and out of mind?

Ann connects God’s words, heart, and promises with his expectations and judgments. This book elevates the reader’s understanding of our daily decisions to be either victim of our circumstances or a servant to our Lord.

In reading this book, one can see that Ann Lindholm is passionate about the redeemed in Christ and the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ in each of us. Her heart cries to see the body of Christ purified on the inside while manifesting a visible testimony on the outside for the world to behold.

Every man and woman born again is unique, and God’s Spirit and God’s Word is transforming them into a New Creation in Christ. God’s gift of grace in giving up his Son to die for humanity offers us the fantastic opportunity to explore the depths of God’s Word and God’s love. See the author’s vision of what believers can expect in the days to come as we become CAPTIVATED. Who is this man? Take a deep breath, immerse yourself in the Lord Jesus and His promise of living water, and go deeper.

Charles Morris Author, Founder and CEO of RSIM, RSIP, and RSISoM

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