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Beer Lahai Roi

You can listen to the podcast of this account here.

“Adam, where are you?”

“Hagar, where have you come from and where are you going?”

Adam, “I hid myself.”

Hagar, “I am fleeing.”

God clothed and covered Adam and his wife. Set rules and boundaries.

God commanded Hagar, “Return. Submit,” and gave her a son.

Hagar, “You are the God who sees...have I also seen Him who sees me?”

BEER LAHAI ROI...The God who sees.

“Adam, Hagar...Ann...{your name}...where are you spiritually and where are you going spiritually?”

“If you’re afraid, running, hurt or hiding...RETURN and SUBMIT. I SEE you. I see your sin. I see your pain. I see your persecution. I see your injustice. Return to me. I will cover you. I will redeem you.”

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