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Barrabas or the King of the Jews?

I realize my posts about Jesus may get tiresome. I just can’t move past the topic, past the person. Take this account into mind.

Here’s a man who’s committed miracle after miracle. He’s only ever done good. There’s no bad found in him. You have a Roman soldier who sees the root of the problem, pride, envy and idolatry. Yet, when faced with the opportunity to do the right thing, having been encouraged by his wife who had an encounter with this miracle-worker in a dream, he submits to the fear of man over the fear of God.

You have a crowd of multitudes consisting of religious leaders, scholars and teachers...high priests...the Church. They too, witnesse the miracle-worker in action! They also experience his divine knowledge of their hearts and their sin. They conjure up false accusations against this quiet, gentle miracle-worker and stir the crowds of the congregation against him, even though they, themselves, have witnessed all the good he’s done.

Imagine being in that crowd. Imagine witnessing this Jewish man on earth working miracles and teaching with authority and loving the deplorables (not referring to Trump followers).

Do you follow the crowd and chant for his crucifixion, demanding in His place a rebel criminal/Murderer to be released?

Do you take a stand and fight for the Jewish Miracle Man? Thousands around you demanding his death. Will you have the courage to stand with Jesus?

What are they afraid of? Do they really believe he did something wrong? No. In fact, they conjure up multiple false accusations that won’t stick.

What are they afraid of? They’re afraid of losing control, power, notoriety, money...these are the very same people who know scripture inside and out, in fact, they teach and lead others in this knowledge.

How then, do they miss the man whom this knowledge was all about? They have devoted their lives to knowing the scriptures. How? How could they miss him?

How could Pilate, knowing the reason behind the revolt, still scourge the King of the Jews?

Where would you stand? How would you respond?

How will you respond?

“Come, the hour is at hand.”

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