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A Rare Breed Mothers Are

For the stay-at-home and/or homeschool mom, working mom, 20+ years of our lives are poured into raising future adults of society, praying we are doing everything right. Innumerable sleepless nights, countless buckets (or not 🥴) of vomit, broken bones, bleeds, hurt hearts…and bittersweet moments etched in the echoes of our mind and heart, grasping to not let them fade into a mere foggy memory. We gave our life, heart and soul for these little ones.

Then one day, they grow up. They’re adults. They know everything. They no longer need you. Do they carry the same fond childhood memories or is their history completely different? Do they remember the good things? Do they remember the good times? Do they remember or are they even aware of all the heartache, energy, pain, sacrifice and love that goes into raising them the best way we know how with what life has dealt us?

Then that day comes, when it’s time for your last one to fly the coop and begin their own adventure. And all we’re left with is memories and hopefully a bridge to a new kind of relationship with the seeds of our womb. Will we walk in harmony learning to show grace and mercy, forgiveness of one another’s failures?

If I could change anything, I would tell my late mother how much I appreciate and know all that she sacrificed for me. I would tell her I forgive her the areas she failed in, which she often mentioned so I know it was a burden she carried to her grave, because I too, carry similar burdens. I would let her know I know she did the best she could with what she knew and I believe what she produced in me was something great. In spite of her failures,

I am who I am today largely because of her and all of her sacrifices she made by simply investing in me. I pray and can only hope my children feel the same about me at some point in their lives. I pray they are not nearly as slow to learn as I am. I hate that I wasted even one second blaming her for anything. Because when it’s all said and done, my choices are exactly that, mine. With all that she taught me, even in her weaknesses, no, especially in her weakness, she taught me to overcome, to always learn, strive to be and do better, and to apologize when I’m wrong.

I wish I had realized sooner how strategic she was in who I’d become and am still becoming.

Moms are a rare breed. A rare breed indeed. Nothing compares.

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God bless! Been thru much of that. Made me cry. You are so right. No better job in the world than mom. 💖

Ann L
Ann L
May 19
Replying to

A bittersweet career indeed.

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