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I often hear how we shouldn’t speak negatively about the Church. That seems to fit the modern day narrative of creating “safe spaces,” and avoiding truth in order not to offend.

But the actual reality…Church…in America…WE have a problem.

We’re not ok. We’re not healthy. We’re not moving in the right direction as a whole.

We’re fat. We’re lazy. We’re complacent. We’re comfortable. We’re unaware. We’re distracted….so very distracted. We’re busy.

We’re mingling around with multiple lovers—material things, platforms, ministires, buildings, organizations, empires, titles, numbers, dollars, programs, ma made doctrine, and fake family.

We call ourselves family but we’re merely attending an event side-by-side. We’re not actually family. Family knows things about you. Family speaks the truth to you in love. Family does daily life with you. They know the little things about you. They know your weaknesses and faults and they know your strengths. More importantly, family fights alongside you to daily become better.

Right now, we smile at each other and pretend everything is fine. But Church, we’re very unhealthy right now. We don’t need more teachers, pastors, programs, conferences, buildings, and branding.

We need to sit at the feet of Jesus and be discipled. Then we need to go and make more disciples. Not build church empires for man’s glory.

It’s ok if you’d like to correct me, rebuke me, or tell me I’m wrong for speaking out about the state of the Bride. But as I sit at Jesus’ feet, as I mediate on His Word, it’s very, very clear. We are not ok. And if I don’t speak the truth, the blood is on my hands according to God’s Word.

If you’re in a burning building, I imagine you want me to do everything I can to rescue you.

Church, the building is burning!

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