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My Story

Ann Lindholm is the mother of four children, one son-in-law, and one grandchild. She homeschools her two younger children and works as a Security Specialist in global matters. Ann is involved in several ministry opportunities focused on preparing the Bride of Christ for His return. She is a devout follower of Jesus Christ and attempts to be led by the Spirit in all that she does. Although she is far from having arrived, she has learned a great deal through personal life experiences. Her salvation experience was dramatic and life-changing. It is from these experiences and her personal relationship and growth with the Lord that she passionately writes and yearns to share the love of Jesus with whomever will listen.

Ann Lindholm writes books about spiritual growth and self-help from a biblical perspective and personal experiences.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to walk with you in partnership with the Lord to discover your true identity based on your sonship and inheritance in the Kingdom of God and help you step into that role unleashing Holy Spirit power, boldness, anointing and freedom through the Word of God and a lifestyle of prayer which leads you to carry the ministry of reconciliation with those around you.

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